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This past week the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) descended upon Colombo for their annual awards ceremony.  You know, the Oscars, except for Bollywood.  I’m not really sure why IIFA doesn’t hold these ceremonies in India?  I think I read somewhere that they’re trying to promote the Indian film industry so they hold it in different locations every year, like South Africa or the UK.

Colombo has been abuzz about this ceremony for about a month as the city prepped for 600 Bollywood actors to come to town.  A few of us hoped in vain that a ticket or two might come our way, but then we heard we could buy one for $10,000 and we quickly faced reality.  I think I could have gotten a 500 or 1000 Rs ticket to a cricket match between India and Sri Lanka, but since I know nothing about cricket and it’s really, really hot outside, I decided to pass.

But they did have a dance performance at the Cinnamon Lakeside last night.  It was supposedly for IIFA, but I’m not sure since it’s a Kandyan dance troupe?

To read more on IIFA and it’s impact on Sri Lanka, check out this article.

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