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If you’re planning a trip to Sri Lanka be sure to check out my friend Todd’s 4 part Best of Sri Lanka series.  I’ve  mentioned him before.  He really is an expert traveler and knows the best things to see and do, particularly in Sri Lanka since he lived here for three years.

Todd’s Wanderings.


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Sri Lankan food is pretty tasty.  I will admit that I don’t eat it that often because I frequently get “curried out,” i.e., too much curry.  But, overall, it’s very good.  To me, Sri Lankan food is a cross between South India and Thai–it’s a mix of the sweetness of coconut milk and the punchiness of chilis.

Hoppers are great Sri Lankan street food.  They are thinner than crepes and I like to eat them with eggs and sambol, a side dish  usually made with chilis and coconut.

Egg Hoppers

The Hopper Lady: This lady will make hoppers for a party. Yum.

Kottu Roti (කොත්තු රොටී) is more great Sri Lankan street food.  I think I like it better than hoppers.  It’s basically chopped up vegetables, egg, and meat.  I prefer a veg kottu roti with egg.  If you walk along some Sri Lankan streets at night you can hear the Kotti Roti men chopping up the dish with two blades on the grill.  Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations has a great show that highlights Sri Lankan cuisine, including the sounds of the kottu roti men.

The Kottu Roti Man: He also comes to parties to make tasty kottu roti.

Because he came to a party he didn't have the right kind of grill so no two blades to chop everything up. Still delcious.

More on Sri Lankan food can be found here.

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A fun website to checkout to see if you’re on track for retirement, found by way of Well-Heeled Blog, one of my other favorite Personal Finance blogs: The Pudding Index Calculator.  Not totally scientific, but quick and easy.

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In case I actually have any other visitors outside of my family and friends, I wanted to draw your attention to a friend’s blog: Todd’s Wanderings.  Todd is a seasoned traveler so he has lots of great advice about visiting many countries.  But he lived in Sri Lanka for three years, which means he has a lot of specialized knowledge about the country, so it’s a great resource for those of you who might be making a trip…hint, hint.

He’s also participating in a travel writing contest right now and could use your vote.  His story about his visit to a village in Laos is interesting and poignant.  Help him out by voting for his story here!  (Ok, yes you have to register, but it only takes a second and it’s a really great story.)

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