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Maldives Vacation

I don’t want to forget the awesome vacation I took to Maldives back in April.  My previous trips to Maldives have been for work.  (It’s a rough life, I know.)  But let me say, it is so much better to go to Maldives on vacation.  So much better.

We stayed at Chaaya Hakuraa Huraa and it was lovely.  The price is affordable, the accommodations are great, and the food is tasty.  Chaaya is a Sri Lankan hotel chain so I think we may have gotten some extra special treatment since we could speak with the staff in Sinhala and swap Sri Lankan stories.  I’ll take it.

And let me just say that taking a sea plane is definitely one of the coolest experiences of my life.

Such smooth take offs and landings in a sea plane in Maldives.

Welcome to Chaaya Hakuraa Huraa. We saw a rainbow everyday.

Maldives Sunset on the Water Villas


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Sunrise in the Maldives

Almost Sunrise. I thought I had missed it.

And there it was. It surprised me. I was taking pictures of the beach and then suddenly the sun was there.

About an hour later, it looked like this.

I'm so tall!

Snapping a pic before I get too sunburned.

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Maldives: Everyday II

People Watching in Male. I love this picture.

Lounging (Ok...maybe not everyday.)

A typical parking lot in Male

In my quest to find Coke advertising in many local languages. Although I think this just says the name of the store: Dhoraashi.

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Maldives: Everyday

I find the Maldives fascinating.  It’s such an interesting, yet tiny, country.


Burqas drying in the wind. Women in the Maldives wear all types of outfits.

On a boat to Hulu Male, a residential island.


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Male, Maldives

Maldives is an interesting country.  Politics, religion, climate change…it has a lot going on.  You can walk the perimeter of Male, it’s island capital, in about an hour and a half and you’ll see the majority of the Maldives residents while you do it because most locals live on Male.  You can see a picture of Male here and glimpse the airport island in the background.

The National Mosque...just before an afternoon rainstorm

Muslim Cemetary at the oldest mosque on the island

Fresh Catch of the Day

It is increasingly common to find local women wearning headscarves or burqas.

The primary form of transportation around Male. Most streets are lined with motorcycles.

Hammocks to watch the World Cup. Or take a snooze during the day.

Infinity Pool from the rooftop of The Holiday Inn

**P.S.–The Holiday Inn in Male is quite nice.  You should also go to Sala Thai or Aioli, both across the street.  Two of the tastiest restaurants in Male.

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Flying to the Maldives

On the way to the Maldives.

First Glimpse

Breathtakingly Beautiful

Touch down. On Male Interational Airport...Island.

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