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I took a bit of an inadvertent blog hiatus thanks to a lot of traveling and a lost USB camera cord.  Thank goodness for online ordering.  I’m back in action.

Sunsets during monsoon season are amazing.  I’m not sure why, but a friend pointed out the difference to me and I definitely agree with her.  Here are some beautiful shots from a couple of weeks ago.

On Galle Face Green. No "sunset" setting.

Sunset with the "sunset" setting.



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I guess the rain we’ve experienced in Colombo for the past few days is abnormal for the monsoon season.  We had A LOT of rain.  Thousands of people in the surrounding area lost their homes due to floods.  Many members of our staff were even marooned in their homes because roads were flooded.  There was a respite today, however, and my colleague and I were able to explore some Colombo neighborhoods.   We didn’t see the worst of it, but we did see some very water-logged roads.

Biking is better than walking on this street.

Or you can take a rickshaw...if the tires can make it through the water.

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Colombo traffic is not nearly as crazy as the traffic in Dhaka.  I can easily attest to this having lived in both places.  But Colombo traffic is still not great.  People don’t necessarily follow traffic rules and they are often in a hurry to get to wherever they are going, even though Colombo is such a small city and it usually doesn’t take that long to get to your destination.

The auto-rickshaws, otherwise known as tri-shaws, three-wheelers, or tuk-tuk’s, don’t usually help matters.  They can be a convenient and inexpensive way to get around town, but they can’t move as quickly as cars and therefore often gum up traffic.

It becomes even worse when it rains.  To keep their passengers and their vehicles dry, most rickshaw drivers cover the open parts of their vehicles with these black tarp-like things.  This means that their already significantly limited peripheral vision is next to nil.

This is why using your horn is essential in South Asia.  Beep, beep.

Rickshaw in the Rain

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So remember those pictures of a beautiful sunset from the other evening?  With the arrival of the first monsoon season of the year (generally May-July), that view will now often look like this:

Monsoon view of the Hilton

Monsoon View of the Ocean

I woke up with the winds whistling, screaming, and whipping around my high rise building and the rains pouring down, which it had likely been doing since it started storming at about 1 a.m.  This is what it looked like at about 1 p.m.:

Monsoon view of 7 Degrees North at the Cinnamon Lakeside

It finally subsided at about 3 p.m. and so far, no rain again….yet.

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