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Samarkand, Uzbekistan

A trip to Uzbekistan is not complete without a trip to Samarkand.  The entire city is designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Most of the sites have been renovated within the past 100 years or so, which makes the colors brilliant and the stonework impressive.  But even without the renovations these structures would still be amazing.

And stop by In the Desh to check out his awesome photos of Samarkand.

Registan. Comprised of three separate madrasa's.

The lower rooms were used for studying, while the upper rooms were used for sleeping. Usually two to three boys lived in each room. Now, the rooms are mostly used as tourist shops.

Amir Temur Mausoleum

Taking a Coke (or Fanta) break.

The Shaki-Zinda Memorial Complex of Islamic Architecture

Afternoon Prayers


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Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is not place I would have chosen to visit.  But I feel so lucky that I was able to.  It’s a fascinating country and I probably wouldn’t mind living there (hear that FS folks?!).  The city is clean.  Uzbeks are friendly.  The food is good (if bland compared to South Asian fare).  Vodka is flowing.  Fall weather is great.  Politics are interesting, if frustrating.

Farm Land (Although, notably, the lack of people. As compared to South Asia.)

Khast Imom Mosque

Central Asian family on a tour.

To, you know, prove I was there.

Soviet Architecture

More Soviet Architecture

Also, check out: In the Desh’s pictures from Uzbekistan.

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