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Skopje, Macedonia

Last wrap up!  Only about six months late.

Skopje is a quick drive from Pristina.  It took us about an hour and a half, maybe?  And that includes walking through passport control and taking a taxi from the Kosovo/Macedonia border to Skopje.  I love all the day trips you’re so easily able to take in Europe.

Skopje feels like two different cities, with the old side–cobblestone streets, cute restaurants and shops, old mosques and hammams, and the new side–wide, sweeping boulevards and walking streets, with new-old architecture.

The light was amazing during our Skopje afternoon/evening so some shots turned out rather well.

Old Town

Can’t get enough of these beautiful mosques.

Old Hammam

New Town

Porta Macedonia

Vardar River

Alexander the Great at Macedonia Square

Two pics of me because my hair looks amazing!


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