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My favorite trips in Sri Lanka always involve small discoveries.  Technically, Castlereigh Reservoir and Warleigh Church are well-known sites to see near Hatton, but they’re simple and beautiful.  We were the only people at Warleigh Church the day we visited and even though it was a bit overcast it was still beautiful.  The caretaker and his family promptly ran to open the church for us and tell us some of the history.  It’s a definite must see if you’re in Dickoya.

Warleigh Church in the midst of hills of tea.

Warleigh Church

Beautiful Resting Place


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I have so much to catch up on before I leave Sri Lanka in a month or so…tear, sniff.  Let’s see what we can recap in that time.

In December, my family came to visit and we had a great time.  It was fun for them to visit a place like Sri Lanka, and other than the not-always-so-great food and the traffic, they did well going with the flow.  My favorite part of our trip was tea country.

Why Tea is Good for You

My sister, Rohan, and I were lucky enough to stumble upon some tea pickers wrapping up the end of their long day in the tea plantations.  Most of the Indian Origin Tamils in the tea estates are very poor and make little money.  Their working and living conditions are not good.

None of them spoke much Sinhala or English so we became friends with the few words of Tamil I know: Wanakam!  Nandri!  Hello!  Thank you!  They seemed to get a kick out of our interest in them.

Still smiling after a long day in the fields.

Weighing a hard days work to send to the factory.

I think the Hatton area is even more beautiful than Nuwara Eliya and would definitely recommend it.  We stayed at the Mandira Craig Appin Bungalow in Dick Oya, and while the service and food need some work, the bungalow itself is lovely.

Beautiful hills dotted with color

On our same walk we also stumbled upon boys being boys at the Dick Oya Hindu Temple.

Notice the conch shell they were practicing with.

If you come to Sri Lanka, please, please go to tea country.

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Tea Country

I love tea country.  It’s so beautiful and it’s still my favorite part of Sri Lanka that I’ve seen.  The weather is much cooler and driving through the rolling hills is relaxing (albeit a bit stressful with the crazy buses).

Driving through hills of tea.


Predominantly, Tamil women work in Sri Lanka's tea factories--plucking, cleaning, etc. The majority of the Tamils were brought to work on these estates by the British.

Tea Leaves Coming Down a Shoot

Tea, as we know it.



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Catching up as September is a busy travel month.

It started off with a trip to Sri Lanka’s Hill Country driving through gorgeous tea estates.  Before I came to Sri Lanka I had a feeling this might be my favorite part of the country and I can now confirm it is.  The area is beautiful.  Mountains full of tea or vegetables, fog rolling in during the evening, crisp cool air with the sun shining down on you, random waterfalls along the road.  It is awesome.

You can see why this region is called “Little England,” especially when you visit the town of Nuwara Eliya.  Some hotels look like British estates and there is a golf course smack in the middle of the city.  But Nuwara Eliya is not all that impressive as a city.  It’s better just as a place to stay on your journeys through the gorgeous tea country.

Hills of Tea

St. Clair Falls

Mackwoods Tea Factory

The sky in Sri Lanka can be SOOOOOO blue. Lovely.

Selling flowers on the road.

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