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Sri Lankan food is pretty tasty.  I will admit that I don’t eat it that often because I frequently get “curried out,” i.e., too much curry.  But, overall, it’s very good.  To me, Sri Lankan food is a cross between South India and Thai–it’s a mix of the sweetness of coconut milk and the punchiness of chilis.

Hoppers are great Sri Lankan street food.  They are thinner than crepes and I like to eat them with eggs and sambol, a side dish  usually made with chilis and coconut.

Egg Hoppers

The Hopper Lady: This lady will make hoppers for a party. Yum.

Kottu Roti (කොත්තු රොටී) is more great Sri Lankan street food.  I think I like it better than hoppers.  It’s basically chopped up vegetables, egg, and meat.  I prefer a veg kottu roti with egg.  If you walk along some Sri Lankan streets at night you can hear the Kotti Roti men chopping up the dish with two blades on the grill.  Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations has a great show that highlights Sri Lankan cuisine, including the sounds of the kottu roti men.

The Kottu Roti Man: He also comes to parties to make tasty kottu roti.

Because he came to a party he didn't have the right kind of grill so no two blades to chop everything up. Still delcious.

More on Sri Lankan food can be found here.


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I ran into these kids a few weeks ago in the suburbs of Colombo.  The older sister was a getting a snack from a street vendor for her younger siblings.  Sri Lankans love sweet and spicy combos.  Guava + limes + chili powder = tasty combination.  I’m still skeptical.

Big Smile. She spoke English very well.

guava + lime + chili powder = tasty combination

hungry, smiley kiddos

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Coke Is It!

I’m an Atlanta girl so I have to represent my city by taking obligatory pictures of Coca-Cola wherever I may find it.  Luckily, it’s usually not that hard.  This ad is basically saying “Drink a Coke and it will make you happy.”  So, unsurprisingly, it’s in line with the rest of the Coke ads you usually see around the world.

Coke Is It!

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Coconuts anyone?

These are King Coconuts.  I’m not sure what the difference is between coconuts that are brown and furry and these coconuts that are yellowish/orangish.  They’re both white on the inside and taste like coconut.  I tried to look it up, but no luck.  Any ideas?

Also, the truck is for sale in case you’re interested in buying.

King Coconuts

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As I mentioned, we made a stop in Panadura, too.  We got there just as the afternoon rush at the market was beginning.

The Fruits & Veg Outside the City are so Fresh!

Selling Greens

Chicken from the Village (which is what the sign says, although I didn't see any chickens?)


Avocados: Four for $1

Colombo Sunset

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Lunch today at The Gallery Cafe.  Yum.  Definitely one of the nicest spots in Colombo for coffee or a meal.  I’ve yet to try their dessert, but I hear most selections are amazing.

These pictures do not do it justice.  The atmosphere is delightful thanks to Geoffrey Bawa, Sri Lanka’s most famous architect.  Gallery Cafe used is his former office so the design is impeccable and soothing.  (Although I do find the metal chairs slightly uncomfortable, but they add to the ambiance.)

The view once you enter The Gallery Cafe

Fishies swimming in the pond.

Onion Rings!

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Lunch, brunch, or dinner at Barefoot Cafe is always lovely.  It’s surprisingly cool even though they only have outdoor seating.  And they have some of the best hummus ever.  And when you’re finished with lunch you can go shopping for all of your tourist gifts at their store.  Perfect combination.

Barefoot Gallery & Cafe

Lovely Atmosphere

I think this is Barefoot's version of the Hindu God Ganesh.

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