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I had my first visitors in Colombo this past weekend.  We explored the things there are to see in Colombo (which is not much) and I tried to ensure that Katie and James ate good food.  They came from Bangladesh, so good Italian food at Regina Margherita was a must.  I think they liked it.

Now they are off to explore the rest of Sri Lanka.  Katie’s Rock Star in Dhaka is probably one of the best Foreign Service blogs out there (she has many admirers that she doesn’t even know about) so I’m sure she will have a great account of their time here soon.  Let’s hope they like it!  Thanks for coming to visit, Katie and James!

One of our stops this past weekend was the Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple.  It’s one of the largest temples in Colombo and some of the Buddhas inside are quite impressive.  Thursday is Wesak, otherwise known as Buddha’s Birthday in Sri Lanka.  As I won’t be able to celebrate on Thursday, I’ll go ahead and wish Buddha a Happy Birthday today.  Happy Birthday, Buddha.


Little Buddhas

Monk's Robes Drying


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Lunch today at The Gallery Cafe.  Yum.  Definitely one of the nicest spots in Colombo for coffee or a meal.  I’ve yet to try their dessert, but I hear most selections are amazing.

These pictures do not do it justice.  The atmosphere is delightful thanks to Geoffrey Bawa, Sri Lanka’s most famous architect.  Gallery Cafe used is his former office so the design is impeccable and soothing.  (Although I do find the metal chairs slightly uncomfortable, but they add to the ambiance.)

The view once you enter The Gallery Cafe

Fishies swimming in the pond.

Onion Rings!

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Lunch, brunch, or dinner at Barefoot Cafe is always lovely.  It’s surprisingly cool even though they only have outdoor seating.  And they have some of the best hummus ever.  And when you’re finished with lunch you can go shopping for all of your tourist gifts at their store.  Perfect combination.

Barefoot Gallery & Cafe

Lovely Atmosphere

I think this is Barefoot's version of the Hindu God Ganesh.

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