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At first, I didn’t like Singapore as much as I liked Kuala Lumpur.  KL is a bit grittier, a bit more diverse.  But Singapore quickly grew on me and I learned to appreciate it’s charm, particularly since it has its own diversity and colonial past.

Silly in Singapore.

When you’re coming from a less developed country to a more developed country, it’s the little things on your trip that make you happy.  You know you’re in Singapore when they give you scissors to cut the huge chocolate crepe you’re sharing with your friend after staying up all night to fly to your vacation destination.

Om in Little India

Although strangely, I sometimes felt more at home in Little India surrounded by South Asians and South Asian stuff. Go figure.

Masjid Sultan: An important mosque in Singapore

Lanterns in Chinatown

I was so happy we stayed in Chinatown.  We went almost everyday and ate at the tasty hawker stalls.  The food is so cheap, but darn good.

Colonial past at Raffles Hotel

I did love the mix of traditional and modern in Singapore.  From Raffles Hotel to the new Marina Bay Sands mall, hotel, casino.

Marina Bay Sands


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